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Pattern of genetic variation, fine-scale genetic structure, and footprints of natural selection in p
Dr. Nurlan Torokeldiev
Pattern of genetic variation, fine-scale genetic structure, and footprints of...
Extensive forests of Persian walnut (Juglans regia L.) can be found in the southern Kyrgyz Republic. The natural stands of Juglans regia, however, are under uncontrolled human impact. Therefore, an assessment of a population genetic analysis of these forests as well as permanent conservation efforts of managing genetic resources has gained great attention. This book provides a comprehensive population genetic analysis of Persian walnut across its entire geographical range in the southern Kyrgyz Republic. The chapters of this book aim to assess key insights into the patterns of genetic variation and the adaptive divergence of these forests, including the amount of genetic diversity; genetic differentiation among natural populations; genetic adaptivity to local conditions; and the characterization of spatial genetic structures. The clear focus on conservation implications supported by statistical analyses, turns this book into a valuable source for further management efforts.
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Influence of dielectric heating on quality of rape and sunflower seeds
Dr. Nuha Alali
Influence of dielectric heating on quality of rape and sunflower seeds
Die dielektrische Erwärmung von Samen kann z. B. für die thermische Vorbehandlung vor der Verarbeitung angewendet werden. Dabei kommt es zu einer schnellen Temperaturerhöhung in dem zu trocknenden Gut, was zu mikrostrukturellen Veränderungen in den Samen und zur Inaktivierung lipidspaltender Enzyme führen kann. Die vorliegende Studie wurde durchgeführt, um den Einfluss der dielektrischen Erwärmung mittels Mikrowellen und Hochfrequenzwellen in Abhängigkeit von Dauer und Temperatur auf qualitative Merkmale von Rapssamen und zwei Sorten von Sonnenblumenkernen mit unterschiedlicher Fettsäurezusammensetzung zu untersuchen. Die Ergebnisse zeigten einen signifikanten Einfluss der dielektrischen Erwärmung auf ausgewählte Qualitätsparameter. Einige der chemischen und biochemischen Eigenschaften von Raps und Sonnenblumenkernen, die oxidative Stabilität, der Ölgehalt und die Qualität der gewonnenen Öle wurden verbessert und lipidspaltende Enzyme wurden gehemmt. Mittels Hochfrequenzwellen war eine Behandlung der Samen bei 90°C und 110°C ohne Einbußen möglich.
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Forest Matters - Analysis on the contemporary forest- and forest-related policy in Indonesia
Dr. Ahmad Maryudi
Forest Matters - Analysis on the contemporary forest- and forest-related...
Analysis on the contemporary forest and forestrelated policy in Indonesia
History has witnessed forests shaping human civilization from the ancient times to the industrial ages and after. In recent years, the world's forests have staged more prominent roles in our society. That the year 2011 has been declared as the International Year of Forests by the United Nations reveals a bold statement on such importance. The forests of Indonesia are in particular; stakes placed upon are diverse and often conflicting, not only from local or national levels but also from international society. This book provides insights and analysis on forest policy and practices, with particular focus on the forests of Indonesia.
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Agronomic characteristics and nutritional quality of carrot (Daucus carota L.) cultivars from Myanma
Dr. Le Le Win
Agronomic characteristics and nutritional quality of carrot (Daucus carota...
Three local carrot cultivars from Myanmar and two hybrid cultivars from Germany were investigated for their yield and nutritional quality supplied by mineral or organic fertilizers. Root yield and nutritional qualities were affected by cultivar difference and fertilizer types.
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Indigenous knowledge, morphological variation and genetic diversity of Blighia sapida K.D. Koenig in
Dr. Marius Rodrigue Mensah Ekue
Indigenous knowledge, morphological variation and genetic diversity of...
Ackee is an underutilized species native to West Africa important for the livelihoods of rural population and candidate species for domestication. However, because the species was neglected for so long, key knowledge essential to elaborate a clear domestication strategy is very sketchy in the region. This book provide data from Benin on farmer's indigenous knowledge and perception of variation taking into account the difference among ethnic groups and gender, the morphological variability in tree and fruit traits in relation to the environment, and the genetic structure (using Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism, nuclear and chloroplast microsatellites markers) of wild and cultivated populations. Strategies for sustainable domestication and conservation of ackee genetic resources are discussed.
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Influence of ectomycorrhiza Paxillus involutus (Batsch. Ex. Fr.) inoculation and fungicide...
Dr. Manika Mishra-Knyrim
Influence of ectomycorrhiza Paxillus involutus (Batsch. Ex. Fr.) inoculation...
Ectomycorrhiza Paxillus involutus (two strains: Maj and Nau) were used to synthesize mycorrhiza with Populus canescens in an axenic culture. Next fungal strain Maj and the systemic fungicide Previcur® N were used on 5 clones of Populus nigra cuttings in an open condition. Biometric parameters, microsatellite, photosynthesis rate, ecto- and arbuscular mycorrhization, endophytic fungal colonisation, ITS-sequencing, biochemical analysis, insect feeding test and emission of volatile compounds were studied.
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Diagnostic markers for the identification of the tree species Shorea leprosula Miq. and S. parvifoli
Dr. Hani Siti Nuroniah
Diagnostic markers for the identification of the tree species Shorea...
Tropical rainforests are hostspots of biodiversity. Therefore, their species' richness and sustainability are of central importance. However, during the last decades, the destruction of tropical forest, mainly by illegal logging, has severely degraded the tropical rainforests. In terms of forest certification, timber identification of tree species and their origin are recently being applied for monitoring and control of illegal activities and thereby aiming at the conservation of tropical forests. The development of molecular methods (e.g. genetic fingerprints) as tools for identification of timber should be considered in depth, since the manipulation of DNA is impossible. The results of this study contribute to this direction by introducing diagnostic markers for the identification of tree species Shorea leprosula and S. parvifolia and also for the origin of S. leprosula, these two species being the most dominant tree species of mixed dipterocarp forests in Indonesia.
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Physiology of Auxin in Response to Environmental Stress and Heavy Metal Pollution
Dr. Mudawi Elobeid
Physiology of Auxin in Response to Environmental Stress and Heavy Metal...
Phyto-hormones play critical roles in the coordination of plant growth and development. Generally, plant hormones promote, inhibit, or qualitatively modify plant growth and development. This complex process requires signal transduction, specific information pathways, translating intra- or extra-cellular signals into specific cellular responses within a cell. Auxins represent an important class of plant hormones. Plant growth is regulated by auxin via the regulation of various genes responsible for different metabolic processes in the plant. The impact of toxic heavy metals like cadmium and transition metals like copper and manganese in the soil, on plant defence reactions and their implications for plant growth have been extensively investigated. However, how auxin is involved in mediating environmental stresses and heavy metal stress is still not understood. This study was designed to address the following questions in poplar: Are there changes in the expression pattern of GH3::GUS promoter-reporter constructs in relation to seasonal changes under natural field conditions? What is the effect of cadmium stress on the auxin physiology? What is the effect of excessive manganese on auxin physiology? What are the copper requirements for poplar growth? Poplar was chosen for this study as it is a model forest tree for molecular studies. Grey poplar, Populus x canescens (a hydrid of P. tremula and P. alba) and three transgenic lines transformed with a GH3::GUS construct responsive to auxin, were used. The plants were grown in compost soil outdoors as well as in hydroponic media under greenhouse conditions to investigate auxin pattern in the tissues…
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Colonization History, Phylogeography and Conservation Genetics of the Gravely Endangered Tree Specie
Dr. Taye Bekele Ayele
Colonization History, Phylogeography and Conservation Genetics of the Gravely...
The monotypic tropical tree species Hagenia abyssinica (Rosaceae) is an anemogamous and anemochorous broad-leaved dioecious tree species native to Africa. Fossil pollen evidences suggest that it immigrated into Ethiopia from the south during the late Pleistocene. The chloroplast haplotypes identified in Hagenia are grouped into two lineages and demonstrated a strong pattern of congruence between their geographical distribution and genealogical relationships. Restricted gene flow through seeds, contiguous range expansion, mutation and rare long-distance dispersal shaped the genetic structure in the chloroplast genome of Hagenia. Populations showed moderate to high gene diversities and moderate but significant genetic differentiation at AFLP markers, reflecting high levels of post-colonization gene flow. Despite the dispersal of seed and pollen by wind, a significant fine-scale spatial genetic structure (SGS) was observed in some populations. A weighted-score population prioritization matrix (WS-PPM) that combines genetic, morphological and demographic criteria was developed and used for the first time to prioritize populations for conservation and domestication. Conservation and massive plantation programs should be launched to ensure the survival of the gravely endangered Kosso and to boost its economic and ecological values.
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Fingerprinting of genetic divesity and patterns of spatial genetic variation in the endemic tree Ced
Dr. Nicolas G. Eliades
Fingerprinting of genetic divesity and patterns of spatial genetic variation...
Cedrus brevifolia (Cyprus cedar) is a narrow endemic species of the Cyprus flora. The range of the species has nowadays been limited to only one population, which is non-uniform and has been restricted to five neighbouring stands (patches) in the region of the Pafos forest. Although C. brevifolia is an endemic species with a narrow distributional range, it exhibits high genetic diversity. Based on this result, the species does not appear to be characterised by founder effect. The high genetic diversity also suggests that no bottleneck occurred during the different glaciations or climatic periods, as well as that the effective population size never dropped below a certain critical threshold. Thus, no evidence of negative effect due to genetic drift was found. The present results are a new example in which endemism can be associated with high genetic diversity. The C. brevifolia population, despite its narrow distribution, recorded low but significant genetic differentiation among the fragmented patches, as well as different patterns of population structure. These results imply that the identified separate patches could be regarded as subpopulations, which most likely resulted from the fragmentation of a previously common population. The large- and fine-scale patterns of spatial genetic structure in this narrow population are also unanticipated. At large-scale, correlation between geographical and genetic distances among subpopulations was observed; at fine-scale, different patterns of spatial genetic structure were detected, as the effect of the different patterns of gene dispersal at short distances.
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